Services Overview

You always have choices in how you will use your SnapShot:


A Selfie

You're comfortable working on your own and your SnapShot is just enough structure and instruction to get you started. You're good to go!

But you might want a little help along the way to address unexpected challenges or to make progress faster. 

Schedule a one-hour consultation to answer your specific questions.


A GroupShot

Are you committed to gaining control of your photo collection and to achieving your personal goals? Maybe you need a little motivation to keep you moving forward.

GroupShots are a guided practice that are made up of small groups of like-minded family legacy masters who meet largely online. You can work at your own pace, on your own schedule, and still get individual guidance from Phyllis.

We will use a private discussion group where we can talk about our projects, ask questions, and share ideas. We will also have periodic live chats to get to know everyone. We can even have  live chat "workshops" on specific subjects of interest.


Your CloseUp

You want to make serious progress--maybe you have a deadline. You value the motivation you get from regular one-on-one appointments dedicated to YOUR photo collection goals. 

We will work together at your location in two-hour time slots for a total of ten hours. You can work independently in between our meetings to speed things along.

Or you can hand the job over to me and I will devote ten hours to getting it done.

The CloseUp is a more customized approach so that you can see results sooner. It's ideal if you're short on time or need to meet a deadline. 

We can discuss the value of including services (at additional cost), such as scanning large quantities of print photos, digitizing video or audio media, or training on photo management software.