GroupShot 2019 Pilot


Every January some of us think about the fresh new year and what we can do to make the most of it. Start a fitness program? Find a new job? Get organized?  Do you look at the photos collecting up on your phone or other devices, or at the boxes of old photos in the basement, and wish you could get them into order? Maybe you envision making photo books for your kids or getting your parents to tell you the stories behind your old print photos, but you become overwhelmed at the very thought of digging through the chaos to find the photos, let alone do anything with them.

“Holding onto pictures was, for the most of the history photography, a matter of material decay and physical storage. Are these prints fading, and how fast? Are they organized by year or by subject? Do I know where they are?

To the people who took them, they were deeply valuable; to anyone else, mostly worthless. Their peculiar sort of pricelessness made archivists of regular people.”

Credit: Herrman, John. “It’s almost 2019. Do you know where your photos are?” The New York Times, 29 Nov 2018. Retrieved from:

We don’t necessarily want to become archivists even we have large collections of photos. It can be expensive to hire a professional organizer to do it all for you. You can do it yourself, but it can be a big job, and it can be difficult to stay motivated.  That’s where a GroupShot can help.

A GroupShot is one of several products offered by Memories in Focus: Picture Your Stories Preserved. It’s aimed at the DIYers who are willing to invest some time in their own photos. 

Each GroupShot consists of five workshops that focus on specific skills you can use to manage your own photo projects. Three sessions are in-person meetings in Georgetown and two sessions are Zoom chats you can join from your home or office. These sessions are spaced two weeks apart so you can put your newly acquired skills into practice.  

The philosophy behind the GroupShot design is to define achievable goals and work towards a photo collection that will survive potential catastrophes and be exactly the legacy you want to hand over to the next generation. We aren’t aiming for perfection or to create objets d’art that would make Martha Stewart jealous. You don’t have to learn expensive or complicated software programs and spend hours building a database that needs constant maintenance to avoid obsolescence. GroupShot workshops will help you understand the basic skills, introduce you to the options, and help you design a photo management system that works for you.

As a GroupShot member, you will have access to worksheets, resource lists, and a private discussion group where you can ask questions, share your success, and gain support and accountability. The groups are small and very interactive so that we can answer questions, motivate one another, and  learn from each other.

Just as working out in a group fitness class can motivate you to show up consistently and get fit faster, the active learning design of  a GroupShot will energize you and motivate you to finish what you start.

I’m ready to beta test the first GroupShot and am offering a one-time discount on the fees for the very first group of participants. The program will be refined in response to your input and specific interests. Check out the information page for all the details and to register. Space is limited.