Coming Soon: Save Your Photos Month

No, most people can’t save all their photos in a month. A job well done will take longer than that.

Save Your Photos is an initiative of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers to show the public how they can preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents, in case of an unforeseen accident or disaster. We spend the month of September raising awareness and educating people about the benefits of safeguarding their photos.

If you’re going to go to the effort of organizing your photo collection, and creating photo books, albums, or video shows, then you will want to protect the legacy you will leave your kids and generations to come.

Close your eyes and imagine a worst case scenario. Your house is on fire. There’s floodwater creeping closer to your home. A pipe has burst in your basement and no one is home. What do you do? Will your photos survive? Can you grab up albums from around the house, find the boxes in the basement and pull them to safety, and rescue the computer that holds all your digital images?

If we’re honest, worrying about your photo albums or photo boxes should not be at the top of your mind when disaster strikes. Above anything else, get yourself, your family, and your pets to safety. Stuff means nothing if we lose those who give our lives meaning.

But once the personal danger has passed, it's natural to worry about the photo collection you’ve spent years building. Will the old portraits and black and white photos you inherited from your parents or grandparents make it through? What about the videos of your kids when they were babies? Will they survive water or fire? If they are lost or irrevocably damaged, do you have some way to replicate them?

That’s where Memories in Focus comes in. By putting in the time--maybe more than a month--we can work together to ensure that you are able to back up digital photos and protect delicate prints and videos.

This September, think about the family photos you want to be around for future generations to enjoy. If you want to learn more about protecting your photo legacy, look for a Save Your Photos Month event near you.