GroupShot Pilot

This is a limited opportunity to experience a GroupShot with a select few other people who want to get started on their photo collections. As a pilot project, it will be emerging rather than finely tuned and polished. I expect to make adjustments on the fly in response to your feedback. It might be messy, but it will be fun and I promise you will learn so much about managing your own photo collections. Now to answer some of your questions…

photo collage.jpg

What’s a GroupShot and how much will it cost me?

GroupShots are an affordable option for you to be a part of a small group of people to learn key strategies you can use to manage your own photo collection. You can customize your experience and share your knowledge and your successes with other GroupShot participants.

It’s a pilot, so I’m offering you a deal. I’m expecting to run GroupShots at a regular price of $450CDN. You get the same experience for $200CDN.

It’s a win-win opportunity. You get essential photo organizing strategies that you can apply to your own collection now and forever. This would cost you significantly more if you engaged a photo organizer to work with you one-on-one.  And I hope you will be open about your thoughts and ideas about the GroupShot that I could use to improve the experience for future GroupShots.


When is it?

The first GroupShot will run from January 9 to March 13, 2019. There are five modules that run every second week.

Three sessions are in-person meetings at my home in Georgetown, Ontario. The other two sessions will be video conference calls using ZOOM, which requires only that you click a link—no software to download or any other commitment on your part.


What will I learn?

Jan 9 (in person): Getting Started

We will get to know one another, go over the program, and then we will get to work setting some specific goals & start planning our projects.

Jan 23 (Zoom): The ABCs of Photo Organizing

These are the keys to success for any photo organizing project. You will use these strategies whether you are working on your digital photos, print snaps, or precious heritage photos.

Feb 6 (in person): Working with Print Photos

By now, you might have a set of print photos that you want to preserve and share. Bring them and we will talk about traditional albums, scanning how-to’s, and preservation of prints.

Feb 27 (Zoom): Digital Photo Management

Digital photos are accumulating at a frightening rate. We will review the ABCs and introduce the 1-2-3s. We will also talk about software options and how to save your digital photos from computer crashes and accidental loss.

Mar 13 (in person): Sharing Photos, Special Topics, & Wrap Up

The whole point of wrangling your photos is so you can share them! We will talk about digital photo books and cloud-based galleries. Some of the special topics will include copyright and solving photo mysteries. Finally we will share our progress and talk about next steps.