What is a Personal Photo Organizer

A personal photo organizer helps individuals get control of their photo collections by providing education, recommendations for products or services, and even direct assistance achieving their unique goals. They offer support and motivation to help you create a system to manage your photos that addresses your particular needs.

Why is it worth managing my photos?

People who have lived through a disaster such as a flood or fire will say that their first thoughts about what to save—after people and pets—concerned their family photos. You can replace a toaster or a piece of furniture, but you can’t replace your photo memories once they’ve been irreparably damaged. You will rest easier knowing that your family’s memories are safe from catastrophe

You will also save time, energy, and space by building an efficient family photo legacy. An organized collection takes up less space in your home. You will be able to find that special photo when you want it and be able to share it or display it with ease. Your photo collection will be a true gift for those you leave behind and not an unmanageable burden.

Who uses personal photo organizing services?

Some of the people who can benefit from photo organizing services include,

  •  anyone who is downsizing or moving.
  • parents who feel overwhelmed by their children’s memories.
  • people who worry about the safety of their memories and family legacy.
  • those who have acquired the photo collection of a loved one who can no longer manage it themselves.
  • anyone who wants to share their photos or give them greater prominence in their life.
  • people who feel stressed whenever they see or think about the mess their photos are in.

In all honesty, no. These are your photos—your memories—your moments. You are the best person to decide what is important and what is clutter in your collection. You may not know all the answers regarding who is in your photos and when the events in the photos occurred. But you probably know a lot and you may know who to ask for more details.

I can help you get started. I can help you develop a plan so that you make steady progress and get the job done. I can provide advice and guidance so that you don’t waste hours researching the right tools and materials. I can give you confidence and motivate you through the tough parts. I can even handle some parts of the project for you when it’s appropriate.

We will work hand-in-hand in a way that suits your needs, your schedule, and your preferences. You can join a GroupShot where you can learn with others who are experiencing similar challenges. I can also provide occasional consulting to help you get over barriers. It’s up to you. But you are always the best person for the job.

Can you do it for me?